Reveal Flawless-looking Skin this Winter with DermaFrac™ and Microdermabrasion
I'm Dreaming... of a Glowing Complexion…

Reveal Flawless-looking Skin this Winter

Happy Holidays, Ladies and Gents!

Have you been good to your skin this year? (Santa knows… he sees everything).

Well, even if you’ve been kind to your skin all year-round, imperfections can still surface. Thankfully, we offer a popular DermaFrac™ and Microdermabrasion treatment at our skin care clinic in Mississauga, capable of minimizing visible flaws on the skin and creating a truly beautiful result! And the good news is, just a single treatment can provide noticeable results – so if you want your skin to look its very best before that special holiday event(s) approaching, this is a great way to make that happen.

Microdermabrasion: Removing Dead Skin Cells, Revealing Perfection

Microdermabrasion has been shown to reduce the appearance of a number of skin problems – including fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, large pores, age spots, shallow acne scars and sun damage. It also promotes the production of new and healthy skin cells to contribute to a smoother appearance and beautiful glow. Oh la la.

Fun fact: there are actually over 100 Microdermabrasion technologies available today – and all deliver a safe and non-invasive treatment experience via a handheld device. For example, during a Microdermabrasion treatment with Vibraderm, a vibrating device containing a set of stainless steel paddle pieces is comfortably used on the skin’s surface. There are also treatments that use a device to apply tiny crystals (commonly aluminum oxide crystals or corundum) to the skin which are then suctioned up. All methods work by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells.

Quick, Painless, and Wonderful!

A typical microdermabrasion treatment on the face will take under 60 minutes. And although results can be seen after a single treatment, optimal results are achieved with multiple sessions and monthly maintenance. You should also seek treatment from a qualified professional and avoid using home microdermabrasion kits that don’t tend to offer the same benefits.

As far as what you should expect to feel during treatment – expect no pain! You may feel a tingly or mild stinging sensation, but this does not tend to persist longer than a day.

DermaFrac™: a 4 in 1 Advanced Skin Treatment

DermaFrac™ is a 4 in 1 Advanced Skin Treatment that combines Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, LED Light Therapy and Product Infusion – capable of providing a number of skin benefits such as improving skin strength and density, reducing signs of aging and UV damage, minimizing the appearance of large pores, acne scarring and uneven pigmentation/brown spots. Like Microdermabrasion, the treatment is also comfortable and requires no down-time!

Ready to reveal glowing, envy-worthy skin?

If beautiful skin tops the holiday wish list this year, give our beauty experts a call today and book a Microdermabrasion or DermaFrac™ skin treatment today!