Thicker and Longer-looking Natural Lashes with Eyelash Tinting Magic
Who Needs Mascara?

Eyelash Tinting Magic

If we told you there was a way you could avoid daily mascara application – possibly cutting your morning make-up routine time by nearly half – would you be on board? Our guess is YES. And lucky for you, an eyelash tinting treatment will give you truly stunning, no-mascara-required lashes that will make others envious. Ooh la la!

Bat those lashes, babe… they’re all yours!

Big, bold, lengthy lashes without any smudging, clumping or smearing off? Sounds like a dream, but it isn’t. Our quick, safe and affordable eyelash tinting treatment at our skin care clinic in Mississauga can work wonders for your lashes.

Benefits of lash tinting include:

  • They appear visibly longer and thicker
  • They still look natural, as they enhance what you’re working with
  • You can avoid the daily application of mascara, saving you time in the morning
  • You’ll also be avoiding clumping that occurs with mascara, as your lashes will appear naturally and evenly enhanced and gorgeous
  • You can go swimming, shower or sweat without worrying about mascara mishaps
  • You can the daunting task of mascara removal every night before bed (we think it might be the most annoying cosmetic product to remove!)

How does the process work?

During your eyelash tinting appointment, our beauty esthetician will first place special stickers around your eyelids to protect your eyeball area. Next, a safe eyelash tint dye will be carefully applied to the upper and lower lashes. This dye will need to be left on the lashes for up to 10 minutes in order to fully take. After the dye is set, our professional will gently remove the dye – and voila! Your lashes will appear lengthy, voluminous, darker and of course, gorgeous! You can expect your treatment results to last up to 6 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your eyelashes.

Oh, and while black is the most popular choice of tint shade for eyelashes, we do offer other colour options to clients! There are several shades available that are designed to be suitable for a range of complexions. We’ll be able to help you pick the right shade for your face.

Could your lashes use a little va-va-voom? Call us today to schedule an eyelash tinting consultation with our friendly beauty experts today!