Achieve Scar and Stretch Mark Reduction With Venus Viva™
Uncover a smoother, more flawless canvas with the help of nano-fractional radio frequency (RF) and SmartScan™ technology.

Venus Viva

Have you been longing for a quick and effective solution for improving the texture of your skin, including the appearance of scars and stretch marks? Well, we have great news for you!

Venus Viva™ NanoFractional Therapy offered at our laser skin care clinic in Mississauga is an advanced non surgical solution for skin resurfacing that works to promote deep skin repair, thus significantly reducing the appearance of skin issues like stretch marks and scars.

And what’s more: a single Venus Viva treatment session is typically no longer than a quick 15-30 minutes - so you won’t have to make much (or any) sacrificing around your schedule.

How Venus Viva works to address skin damage

Venus Viva™ combines nano-fractional radio frequency (RF) and SmartScan™ technology, using tiny pins that safely deliver heat through the skin’s damaged surface area and treat the dermis through stimulating a recovery response from the body

This is because the pins and heat used create tiny, micro-dermal injuries or wounds in the skin, which the body then responds to by working to naturally heal. This makes Venus Viva unique in its ability to treat multiple issues of the skin simultaneously - including skin texture issues beyond stretch marks and scars, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and enlarged pores.

This unique process involving SmartScan technology results in an effective reparation of the damaged dermis through the stimulation of the new formation of two critical components of healthy skin: collagen and elastin. And since these wounds are so tiny, treatment ends up being a lot more comfortable when compared to methods that use lasers or chemical peels. Venus Viva even has the ability to cover a greater surface area when compared to other skin treatments.

Is Venus Viva safe for use on all skin tones?

Yes, fortunately Venus Viva is safe for women and men of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds, unlike other skin resurfacing treatments on the market today. From extremely fair to medium and much darker skin tones, Venus Viva delivers heat and achieves incredible results equally.

Is there any downtime following Venus Viva treatments?

It is common for most people to experience very mild skin sensitivity and redness following a Venus Viva treatment session. But the good news is, patients are able to safely return to their regular skincare routines within 48-72 hours of the session.

How many treatments are needed to see results?

The number of Venus Viva required for each patient will differ depending on the unique condition of the skin and degree of damage. With that being said, most people achieve their desired results after 4 individual treatment sessions, each spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Things patients should be aware of before committing to a Venus Viva session

Anyone interested in Venus Viva should know that the treatment is not ideal for everyone - particularly those with extremely dry skin or a history of skin disorders. This is why scheduling a consultation with our skin care experts in Mississauga prior to treatment is crucial.

If we deem that Venus Viva is not appropriate for your skin type, we’d be pleased to inform you about other treatment options more suited to helping you improve the appearance of your skin

Ready to reveal a more perfected complexion with Venus Viva?

There’s hope for those scars, stretch marks and skin texture issues that have been annoying you. Venus Viva is here to help you put your best skin forward!

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