How to Achieve the Best Results Possible with BOTOX®
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How to Achieve the Best Results Possible with BOTOX®

Has the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles been getting you down?

As the skin begins to age, it loses the important youth-supporting components: collagen and hyaluronic acid. This leads to a decrease in volume and form – and an increase in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on common areas like around the mouth and nose, around the eyes and between the brows.

And so, the solution? …

BOTOX®! (Which we’ve definitely all heard about… and proudly offer at our skin care clinic in Mississauga!).

BOTOX® works by temporarily relaxing the areas of muscle that contract and cause wrinkles. These common wrinkly areas include the forehead, around the eyes, and in between the brows. And when we contract these specific muscles over the course of many years, our skin remembers the fold all too well – keeping its shape even with the muscles at rest. BOTOX® helps to take care of this.

And you need not worry about the treatment being unsafe: BOTOX® has been safely used to provide truly beautiful results for years! Treatment can typically be expected to last for up to 6 months, at which another treatment will be required to keep up the results.

While BOTOX® surely works wonders for the skin, it’s PARAMOUNT that you consider two key things to ensure a beautiful and natural-looking result:

  1. Choose the right qualified professional.

    Of course, choosing the right professional to administer your BOTOX® treatment is very important. This will help you to ensure you achieve the best results you can. You want to choose a qualified and experienced professional to trust with your lovely face! By speaking with one of our highly experienced BOTOX® specialists, you’ll be able to discuss your specific goal.

  2. Treat your face in moderation.

    Our beauty experts will know the right dose for you to achieve a natural and beautiful result – because we understand that too much won’t provide the beautiful result you deserve, and may turn out downright unflattering.

Tell those lines and wrinkles to take a back seat.

Significantly younger-looking skin is possible with our popular BOTOX® treatment. Contact our beauty experts today for a Botox & Fillers consultation!