How Many of These 6 Skin Care Mistakes Are You Making?
You Might Be Surprised!

6 Skin Care Mistakes

How flawless is your skin care routine?

No matter how much love we try to show our skin, most of us are guilty of making some serious skin care blunders at some point or another in our lives. With that said, here are just 6 of the common skin care errors we beg you to get out of the habit of:

  1. Not washing your makeup brushes regularly.
    Every time you use a dirty makeup brush to apply a fresh face of make-up, you’re introducing old bacteria, dead skin, dirt and oil to a clean face… not to mention, packing it on where it will stay the remainder of the day! This is an easy way to clog pores and incite acne and breakouts. Plus, it’s just gross in general. Wash your make-up brushes, ladies! Use warm water and a conditioning soap or shampoo to keep bristles clean & soft.
  2. Not removing all of your make-up before hitting the sack.
    At our skin care clinic in Mississauga, we can’t emphasize enough that going to bed with a partially made-up face is a huge no-no! Doing so actually prevents our skin from getting a chance to breathe – and will only clog and enlarge pores, cause dryness, acne, aging, uneven skin texture, and may even lead to infection. No thanks!

    Fortunately, there are ways to address such issues in cases where damage has already been done - such as with our microdermabrasion in Mississauga.
  3. Over-exfoliation.
    Hey, ladies with an exfoliation addiction: you’re doing more harm than good! Our skin definitely needs to be exfoliated from time to time in order to remove dead cells and clarify the skin… but exfoliating too many times throughout the week (or too aggressively) will just irritate and dry out the skin, and also accelerate aging. Limit your exfoliation days to roughly 2 times per week and your complexion will thank you.
  4. Forgetting to moisturize daily.
    Moisture is an important component of healthy, youthful skin. Skin that isn’t properly hydrated, especially in colder winter months, is at risk for cracking and premature aging (especially around the eyes… so it’s important to use an eye cream for these areas, as well). You should also be using the right kind of moisturizer best suited for your skin type. For example, skin that’s more oily in nature won’t require an intensely moisturizing formula, but extra dry skin will require a highly hydrating one.
  5. Not knowing your true skin type.
    If your skin skews more on the oily side but you’ve been using products formulated for dry skin, (or vice versa)… cut it out! It might be difficult to know what your exact skin type is, especially if you experience dry days and oily days. Our skin care experts would be happy to consult with you to help you figure that out, so you can go on to choose products that are going to work with your skin, not against it.

Our skin care clinic in Mississauga wants you to avoid making these 6 common skin care mistakes – to book an appointment with us, call 905-812-2777 today.